Medicaid Expansion News

News stories and publications about our effort and findings:

Medicaid expansion boosted the financial health of low-income Michigan residents, study finds (National Bureau of Economic Research, September 2018)

Study: Medicaid Expansion Improves Access to Family Planning (JAMA Network Open, August 2018)

As Medicaid work requirements gain traction, U-M researchers propose ways to reduce potential harm (NEJM, August 2018)

Front-line medical providers say Michigan’s Medicaid expansion helped patients’ health and ability to work (Journal of General Internal Medicine, June 2018)

Most who enrolled in Michigan’s Medicaid expansion either already work or can’t work, study shows (JAMA Internal Medicine, December 2017)

Medicaid Expansion Helped Enrollees Do Better at Work or in Job Searches (Presentation at AcademyHealth 2017 Annual Research Meeting)

Uninsured emergency department visits down after Medicaid expansion (Study in Annals of Emergency Medicine by a U-M/Vanderbilt team of data from 25 states)

Michigan Heart Surgery Outcomes Improved After Medicaid Expansion, Study Finds (Analysis by U. Virginia & U-M team of data from Virginia and Michigan, June 2017)

Medicaid expansion boosts access, reduces cost for poor (Analysis of data from the National Health Interview Survey, March 2017)

Unpaid bills & charity care dropped by nearly half at Michigan hospitals soon after Medicaid expanded (Summary of findings from the 2015 Report on Uncompensated Care and Insurance Rates, January 2017)

Medicaid expansion boosts Michigan’s economy and will more than pay for itself, IHPI study finds (Results from a Commonwealth Fund-supported economic impact study published in NEJM in January 2017)

How the Healthy Michigan Plan Helps Patients and Providers (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan blog post, September 2016)

Medicaid expansion brought across-the-board relief for Michigan hospitals, U-M study finds (JAMA, June 2016)

Rapid Medicaid expansion in Michigan didn’t reduce access to primary care (American Journal of Managed Care, June 2016

Medicaid expansion significantly boosts insurance coverage among low-income adults (Annals of Internal Medicine paper and editorial, April 2016)

Fast & sharp: Medicaid expansion gives hospitals immediate relief from uninsured care, study finds (Health Affairs, January 2016)

Medicaid Expansion In Michigan: The Second CMS Waiver (Health Affairs blog) January 2016

The Medicaid Expansion Experience In Michigan August 2016

Study of primary care access changes in Michigan after Healthy Michigan Plan launch - press release and policy brief July 2015

The Healthy Michigan Plan Turns One: Ford School of Public Policy Seminar, April 2015 (VIDEO)

First anniversary of Healthy Michigan Plan: Video featuring IHPI Director John Ayanian, April 2015

Alpena to Zilwaukee: Symposium on the ACA's impact in Michigan, March 2015 (VIDEO)

Announcement of IHPI contract, December 2014

The First 100 Days of Healthy Michigan Plan: IHPI team publishes in New England Journal of Medicine, October 2014

A Middle Road for Medicaid Expansion: JAMA article by IHPI team, April 2014

Michigan's Medicaid Expansion: A Model for Pragmatic, Bipartisan Health Reform?: NEJM Perspective, September 2013