Become a Member

For decades, University of Michigan health services researchers have helped lead the nation in studies of health care delivery, quality, patient behavior, provider practice, safety, regulation, reform, economics and equity.

The Institute is home to hundreds of individual researchers members from dozens of different health services research groups across the University of Michigan and our external partner organizations. These IHPI members come together in novel, interdisciplinary collaborations to evaluate how health care works and how it can be improved, and advise policy makers to inform change.

Following is more information on becoming a member of IHPI.

Membership Criteria 

Membership in the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation is available to University of Michigan faculty who have an active appointment in a U-M department*, a track record of independent, first-author research in health services or health care policy, and a record of extramural research support and productivity in health services and health policy research. IHPI member status is also available to early career health services researchers with an active faculty appointment in a U-M department.

U-M Member Benefits

  • Participation in a campus-wide interdisciplinary collaborative of professionals studying how health care works and how it can be improved, and advising policy makers to inform change.
  • Access to services and resources provided by the IHPI Data & Methods Hub and Impact Accelerator.
  • Access to IHPI administrative, communications, government relations infrastructure.
  • Eligible to submit proposals for IHPI funding awards.
  • Participation on leadership teams and working groups to shape the functioning and direction of the Institute.
  • Additional benefits

How to Apply 

Submit your CV along with a brief description of your specific health services / health policy areas of interest and engagement in IHPI to Stacy Trosell.  Your application will be reviewed by IHPI leadership on a rolling basis and a determination of membership based upon the criteria stated above. Notification of your application status is typically made within 30-45 days of application. 


*IHPI members maintain their academic appointments in their home departments, not within IHPI.