2017 - 2018 IHPI Scholars Masters in Health and Health Care Research

IHPI Scholars

Katelyn Bennett, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Resident, Plastic Surgery

Research Interests: Dr. Bennett is interested in better understanding surgical decision making in the cleft population, and she is also beginning to develop an appearance measure for patients with cleft using a mixed methods approach.

Tom Cascino, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Fellow, Cardiology Diseases Fellowship

Research Interests: Patient-reported outcomes, particulary health-related quality of life in advanced heart failure and pulmonary hypertension patients.

Joy Chang, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Fellow, Gastroenterology Fellowship

Research Interests: Dr. Chang's current research focuses broadly on the diagnosis and management of patients with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE). Specifically, she is interested in evaluating how patients’ values and preferences incorporate into joint decision making for EoE care. Her preliminary work has included a nationwide provider survey describing practice patterns in EoE care among gastroenterologists, a systematic review and meta-regression comparing histologic and symptom outcomes in EoE patients, and a quality improvement project to recapture patients lost to follow-up after esophageal food impaction. She is also currently building a registry of adult and pediatric patients with EoE and food allergies in order to characterize treatment plans and compare health-related quality of life among patients managed with competing therapies.

Sharmistha Dev, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Instructor, Emergency Medicine
Instructor, Internal Medicine

Research Interests: ED utilization and its interplay with hospital resource utilization.

Lauren Gerlach, D.O.

IHPI Scholar
Clinical Lecturer, Psychiatry

Research Interests: Trends and appropriate use of psychotropic medications among older adults, factors that influence treatment adherence in late life depression, and the impact of depression treatment in development of dementia.

Colin Holtze, M.D., M.P.H.

IHPI Scholar
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Research Interests: Health economics, decision analysis, health technology assessment / cost-effectiveness, interstitial lung disease and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

Lisa Meeks, Ph.D.

IHPI Scholar
Clinical Lecturer, Family Medicine

Research Interests: Improving access to medical education for learners with disabilities, medical student and resident well-being, disability curriculum in medical education, reducing health care disparities in patients with disabilities, and performance and trajectory of learners & physicians with disabilities.

Parth Modi, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
HSR Fellow, Urologic Oncology

Research Interests: Dr. Modi's research interests involve examining physician practice variation and decision making and their impacts on patients undergoing cancer treatment. He is also interested in examining the impact of payment policies on the cost and quality of healthcare with a focus on the appropriate use of technology in cancer surgery. 

Zubin Modi, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Pediatric Nephrology Fellow

Research Interests: Epidemiology & surveillance of pediatric chronic kidney disease, chronic kidney disease health care utilization and outcomes, and the interactions of health & public policy.

Andrea Oliverio, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Clinical Lecturer, Nephrology, Internal Medicine

Research Interests: Dr. Oliverio's research interests include reproductive health and gender differences in the chronic kidney disease (CKD) population. She seeks to better understand the outcomes of pregnancy in women with CKD and to improve the quality of nephrologists’ counseling to women on this important area of their health.

Margaret (Meg) Smith, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Research Fellow, Center for Healthcare Outcomes & Policy

Research Interests: Improving efficiency and quality of surgical care, broadening access to care, and improving outcomes for vulnerable populations. 

Mary Thomson, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Third Year Fellow, Gastroenterology

Research Interests: Dr. Thomson is interested in studying how clinicians care for patients with cirrhosis. She is focusing on chronic disease management for patients with cirrhosis, with a particular focus on medication issues and further characterizing medication burden in cirrhosis.

Liz Viglanti, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Clinical Fellow, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Research Interests: Understanding why people remain in the ICU for prolonged periods of time and identifying potential modifiers during a patient's ICU stay to improve their long term outcomes.

Lewei (Allison) Lin, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Research Interests: Improving access to opioid and other substance use disorder treatment, improving care for patients with substance and other comorbid mental health disorders, reducing drug overdose, and interventions to promote safer opioid prescribing.

Aidin Eslam Pour, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Assistant Professor, Orthopedic Surgery

Research Interests: Primary and revision hip and knee arthroplasty, hip and knee kinematics, joint implant quality registries and medical quality improvement and hip preservation surgeries.

Joceline Vu, M.D.

IHPI Scholar
Resident, General Surgery

Research Interests: Using patient-reported outcomes as clinical quality indicators and resource utilization / cost of common general surgery procedures.