Enhancing Value through Innovation, Research and Collaboration: The Michigan Medicine/IHPI Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE)


The Michigan Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE) is a multi-pronged strategic initiative supported by Michigan Medicine and the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI). MPrOVE brings together leaders from IHPI and across our health system to identify, implement and evaluate specific projects focused on improving quality and demonstrating the value of care at Michigan Medicine, while at the same time catalyzing collaborative research efforts to inform state and national policy decisions.


Due to the institution of alternative payment models with a focus on value-based payments, healthcare delivery systems across the country will need to accelerate efforts in delivering patient-centered and clinically effective care while also holding themselves – and each of their clinicians – accountable for the quality, appropriateness and costs of care delivered.

To meet this transformational challenge, academic health systems across the country have tapped the power of their research enterprises by funding “R&D” centers to accelerate innovation in value within their organizations. None, however, has the support of a resource as strong, dynamic, or interdisciplinary as IHPI, a university-wide research institute that convenes nearly 500 faculty members focused on healthcare innovation. IHPI brings together experts from U-M’s top-ranked schools of medicine, nursing, public health, engineering, social work, law, business, art & design, and public policy, among others, to address healthcare’s biggest challenges.

MPrOVE creates an important bridge between IHPI and Michigan Medicine by leveraging the extraordinary human resources within both entities to improve appropriateness, outcomes, costs, and patient experiences at Michigan Medicine. MPrOVE’s efforts focus on assessment and enhancement of optimal care by improving the appropriateness of clinical services, concentrating on common and costly areas in which both underuse and overuse are frequent. While there are many current efforts within Michigan Medicine focused on improving care, MPrOVE also focuses on proving, through rigorous evaluations, whether these interventions are effective; and on innovating, by systematically engaging stakeholders in flexible and rapid intervention testing that uses the principles of design thinking.


 MPrOVE has three overarching aims:

  1. Promote, support, and evaluate innovative projects that test new approaches to measuring and improving value at Michigan Medicine, and then disseminate findings;
  2. Help obtain extramural funding for research on reducing low-value and enhancing high-value care;
  3. Inform local, state and national policies on measuring and encouraging high-value clinical activities.

MPrOVE will expand IHPI’s visibility as a national leader in research and policy on enhancing value, while simultaneously helping establish and highlight Michigan Medicine as an innovator and recognized leader in consistently delivering the right care for the right patient, while avoiding care that is harmful or unlikely to lead to better outcomes.

MPrOVE is directed by Eve Kerr, M.D., M.P.H., the Louis Newburgh Research Professor of Internal Medicine and director of the VA Center for Clinical Management Research. Dr. Kerr is joined by co-directors Scott Flanders, M.D., professor of internal medicine, director of the Hospitalist Program, and associate chair for Quality and Innovation for the Department of Internal Medicine, and Anne Sales, Ph.D., R.N., M.S.N., professor and associate chair for Educational Programs and Health Systems Innovation in the Department of Learning Health Sciences, and research scientist in the VA Center for Clinical Management Research.