MPrOVE Research Innovation Challenge

The MPrOVE Research Innovation Challenge successfully kicked off on September 27th, 2017 with over 50 faculty members across seven schools/colleges in attendance! The discussion centered around better ways to define and target appropriateness for different populations and settings, as well as developing effective interventions that enhance high-value care and reduce low-value care. Special populations highlighted included children, the elderly, and patients receiving care in communities and other non-hospital/clinic settings. An overarching theme was the use of rich data sources to identify and support high-value care.

The two winning teams were selected in December 2017:

Team 1: Improving the Science of Telemedicine Delivery at Michigan Medicine and Beyond

  • Chad Ellimoottil, MD, MS
  • Larry An, MD
  • John Piette, PhD, MS
  • Jody Platt, MPH, PhD
  • Brian Denton, PhD
  • James M. Dupree, MD, MPH
  • Andy Ryan, PhD
  • Tom Buchmueller, PhD
  • Molly White, MPH
  • Aalap Doshi, MS

Team 2:  Leveraging a Virtual Learning Consortium, Predictive Analytics, and Systems Engineering to Reduce Access Delays in Ambulatory Specialty Care

  • Sameer Saini, MD, MS
  • John Allen, MD, MBA
  • Amy Cohn, PhD
  • Jacob Kurlander, MD, MS
  • Megan Adams, MD, JD, MS
  • Allen Flynn, PharmD, PhD Candidate
  • Karmel Shehadeh, MPH
  • Darcy Saffar, MPH

Click HERE to view a list of all attendees from the Kickoff Event on September 27, 2017.

Click HERE to view the Kickoff presentation slides.


What is the Challenge?

The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) and the Michigan Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE) launched the MPrOVE Research Innovation Challenge in September 2017. The Challenge is a new program that provides planning funds to drive team science by encouraging the development of interdisciplinary research projects focused on optimizing value in healthcare in order to advance the quality of healthcare, reduce costs, and help improve patient outcomes. 


How will the funding work?

Through the Challenge, MPrOVE provides planning funds to support the submission of collaborative large scale grant proposals - ideally, Center Grants (P), Umbrella Grants (U) and R01s – that aim to improve appropriateness, outcomes, costs, and patient experiences.

Two project proposals were selected to receive:

  • Up to $75,000 in planning funds;
  • In-kind resources from IHPI (project management and grant development support, access to data sets and data analysis, etc.) to help develop your proposal;
  • Innovation consulting and coaching from Fast Forward Medical Innovation (FFMI).

Proposals were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation of research ideas focused on value;
  • Synergy of multidisciplinary team members from across IHPI and University of Michigan;
  • Feasibility of grant submission at the end of the funding period (18 months);
  • Potential for external funding success.


What were the research themes for the Challenge?

During summer 2016, two “Choosing Wisely” working groups comprised of IHPI faculty identified the following high level themes for further interdisciplinary exploration:

  1. Reducing unnecessary use of testing and procedures to minimize costs (financial and emotional) for patients and the healthcare system.
  2. Using technology and data (mobile health, big data, etc.) to decrease healthcare costs, improve value, and increase access to care.
  3. Shifting care away from high-cost settings (inpatient, ED, etc.) in order to consistently deliver the right care for the right patient in the right setting.
  4. Decreasing unnecessary use of treatments and medications in order to avoid care that may be harmful or is unlikely to lead to better patient outcomes and health.