Romesh Nalliah, D.D.S., M.H.C.M.

Clinical Associate Professor
DentistryCariology, Restorative Sciences, and Endodontics
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Dr. Nalliah’s expertise is in process evaluation, and his research represents evaluations of healthcare processes, hospital processes and educational processes. Dr. Nalliah’s goal is to improve healthcare delivery systems by optimizing processes, minimizing inefficiencies, reducing healthcare bottlenecks, increasing quality, and increasing task sharing, with the aim of developing a more patient-centered, coherent healthcare system. 

  • M.H.C.M., Harvard University

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What are you thinking about?
How can we completely re-invent healthcare delivery to achieve better outcomes for our patients, better practicing environments for our clinicians and better learning opportunities for our students and residents?

Why is this interesting to you?
I moved from Australia, which has a smaller population than the US, but enjoys a mixed healthcare system with private hospitals and insurers and public healthcare for those who cannot afford private. Initially in the US, my wife and I were uninsured and lived just above the poverty line in the Pilsen region of Chicago. I realized that healthcare is a basic right in Australia, whereas, it’s still inaccessible for some in the US. My passion is contributing to research that will inform healthcare delivery and policy. I want to improve healthcare processes in order to reduce complexity and cost and, therefore, expand access.

What are the practical implications for healthcare?
Third party payer pressures demand that healthcare moves toward centers of excellence that focus on low cost and high quality of care. We are in a transition period as high volume hospitals slowly learn better and more efficient processes to deliver the same care. I hope to contribute research that informs and accelerates this learning process.

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