Providers should help patients be more physically active

March 23, 2017

Providers should help patients be more physically active

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Practitioners, athletes, and other activists are pushing solutions to make more Americans physically active, especially chronically inactive and less active populations. The ACSM guidelines, published in the April issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, suggest four key goals:

  1. Spreading awareness of health inequities and physical activity's role in addressing them
  2. Educating providers and fitness professionals about cultural competency and health barriers, and developing new community programs
  3. Collaborating across industries including healthcare, education, and sports and fitness
  4. Evaluating their progress and compiling a best practices database

"It's going to take a large push," said the first author of the document, Rebecca Hasson, PhD, IHPI member and kinesiology professor at U-M's School of Public Health. "There are still a lot of barriers ... that prohibit people from being physically active on a regular basis."

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