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The world looks to the University of Michigan for answers to the most vexing questions in human health. Over the years, countless medical breakthroughs from U-M have transformed modern medicine, helping people live longer, healthier lives. While we are known for these advances, many people are not aware that Michigan has an equally long and successful track record in health services research, applying the same scientific rigor to issues of cost, access, equity, quality and safety. 

The Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation provides the catalyst for U-M to grow still stronger in this field. When first imagining a center like the IHPI, University leadership correctly anticipated the growing need for evidence-based research to guide meaningful changes in our healthcare system, and they moved swiftly to position Michigan to lead the field. 

IHPI arrives on the scene at a historic moment, making possible a level of collaboration not seen before in health services and healthcare policy research. Critical to these collaborations is the involvement of philanthropic individuals and organizations who share our vision. 

If you are interested in supporting health services and health policy research at Michigan, we encourage you to consider making a gift to one of these IHPI initiatives:


The IHPI Healthcare Policy Innovation Fund

To accelerate the pace of progress, we have established the IHPI Innovation Fund to address three key objectives: 

  • Fueling interdisciplinary research within IHPI’s priority areas, including issuing challenges to investigators and groups to tackle healthcare’s thorniest problems.
  • Supporting innovative research training programs.
  • Developing and maintaining the IHPI translational data hub.



The ability to harness the power of “big data” is a key to success in the digital era. Yet the cost and expertise involved is often too great a burden for a single team or department. The IHPI Innovation Fund will enable us to assemble and keep current complex, disparate data sets that can be used by researchers across the university in every disease and specialty area. It will encourage researchers to ask novel questions about access to and gaps in care, strategies for improving patient health and well-being, and health care financing reform. The data hub will greatly enhance IHPI’s ability to reimagine health care and for U-M to lead the way toward solutions that benefit all.  Click on the photo to learn more.


The IHPI Healthcare Reform Fund

A significant transformation in the delivery of health care is underway as the state of Michigan implements health care reforms designed to meet the unique needs of the residents of our state. To achieve lasting and effective change, the challenge now is to critically evaluate reform initiatives. The University of Michigan is singularly poised to partner with the state and others to conduct one of the most expansive and rigorous evaluations of health care reform in the nation. Support will directly impact efforts to improve health care in Michigan and the nation. Funds contributed will allow IHPI’s interdisciplinary research teams to lead a comprehensive evaluation that goes above and beyond the federally mandated evaluation. Federal matching funds will double the resources needed to study the impact of coverage expansion on access, quality and targeted components of overall health and well-being, including women’s health, oral health and mental health. Click on the photo to learn more.


 The IHPI Scholars Fund

Today, our nation’s health care system faces tremendous challenges and even greater opportunities as we strive to improve quality and safety, reduce costs and increase access to medical services. The U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) has been designed to meet that demand — and to enhance the health and well-being of local, national and global populations. Health services researchers require seed funding and long-term support to make breakthroughs in advancing standards of care and health care policy. IHPI has developed the Scholars Program to fuel the promise of such dedicated leaders — and to encourage students to engage in this transformational work. It is a catalyst for students and promising junior faculty to pursue knowledge and advance new discoveries in health care. Click on the photo to learn more.


Become a Victor

Your gift will directly support our efforts to improve health care in Michigan and our nation. With your support, we can help shape future health outcomes for Michigan and the entire nation, and accelerate health care toward a better future. Discuss how you can help by contacting: 


Patrick Cliff 

Associate Director of Development, IHPI 

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