Healthcare Value

Value-Based Insurance Design

The history of healthcare is marked by an interesting paradox: Despite countless innovations with proven clinical benefits such as immunizations, cancer screenings and other preventive care measures, evidence indicates that Americans consistently underutilize these high-value services.

For over a decade, health service researchers at the University of Michigan, led by Mark Fendrick, M.D., have been working to unravel this mystery, and have devised a novel and remarkably intuitive response to it: Value-Based Insurance Design, or V-BID.

The Michigan Value Collaborative

Our state’s largest health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has already recognized the merit of partnering with the University of Michigan to take on critical issues of quality and value within our healthcare system.

Several IHPI members are lending their expertise to the Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC), which studies variations in healthcare use across institutions and looks to identify best practices in care before, during and after hospitalization.

Doctors Weigh in on Cost-Cutting

Michigan is one of 31 states (plus the District of Columbia) that expanded Medicaid coverage to low-income adults in 2014-15. How is this shift impacting physicians and other healthcare providers? As more emphasis is placed on controlling costs, what kind of tradeoffs are providers considering to help contain costs while maintaining quality?