Healthcare Reform

Listening to the Healthcare Consumer

Amid our noisy and confusing U.S. healthcare debate, it can be hard to hear the voice of the individual patient.

For physicians, listening to that voice is essential to doing their jobs – shouldn’t the same be true when determining health policy?

IHPI member Matthew Davis, M.D. M.A.P.P. thinks so. Davis, a pediatrician, is an associate professor of Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, and Public Policy at the University of Michigan Medical School and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

Tradeoffs in healthcare decision-making

Informing tough choices when you can’t have it all

We all know that healthcare resources are finite, and deciding how to spend these resources most effectively is a complex, often emotionally charged, and not always well-informed process. Tradeoffs are necessary, and priorities can vary greatly between groups, communities, and individuals.

Michigan Mental Health Integration Partnership

Michigan Mental Health Integration Partnership aims to improve physical + mental health services for state residents

Many people living with mental illness – and serious mental illness in particular – also live with multiple medical comorbidities (cardiovascular disease risk factors being #1) that require medical management. Yet there are many acute unmet needs for mental health services within primary care, and vice versa.