Healthier Futures Driven by Innovation

Healthier Futures Driven by Innovation

Healthier futures for individuals and communities, Driven by Innovation

We know the times at hand are fraught with immense challenges to our nation’s health and prosperity, challenges that sometimes seem to grow only more daunting, complex, and entrenched with time. Yet we at IHPI are fueled by clear-eyed optimism and the belief that our work can surmount these challenges.

Through our institute’s collaborative community, where intellectual energy and passion for improving public health and wellbeing converge, we are witnessing how our innovations in healthcare practice and policy are transforming health and healthcare delivery.

Our members are driven to produce research that matters. We ask timely and critical questions that are responsive to the needs of our nation’s healthcare system and the people it serves. We foster enduring and productive partnerships, engaging individuals and communities in developing actionable solutions based on patient-centered care priorities, and help ensure that healthcare services are equitable, efficient, safe, effective, affordable, and cost-effective.

With the record of excellence in health services research and health policy established by our faculty and their teams, as well as the great tradition of excellence at the University of Michigan upon which our institute is built, we are now poised to launch new strategic research and training initiatives that address specific policy priorities across a number of areas.

We are innovators, and our collaborative innovations in evaluating how healthcare works and how it can be improved are leading the way in influencing policy and advancing healthcare and population health. These are critical moments in healthcare, and IHPI invites you to be a part of this exciting work. end of story