Enhancing Value through Innovation, Research and Collaboration: The Michigan Medicine/IHPI Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE)


“The future focus [of healthcare delivery] is really going to be on value. We’re going to need measures for the care that we provide and demonstrate that we provide better value. In the past we’ve been able to do that by just saying that we are the University of Michigan. In the future we have to prove that we have better value.”

David A. Spahlinger, M.D.
September 15, 2015


The Michigan Program on Value Enhancement (MPrOVE) is a multi-pronged strategic initiative supported by Michigan Medicine and the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI). MPrOVE brings together leaders from IHPI and across our health system to identify, implement and evaluate specific projects focused on improving quality and demonstrating the value of care at Michigan Medicine, while at the same time catalyzing collaborative research efforts to inform state and national policy decisions. MPrOVE seeks to prove and improve the value of care at Michigan Medicine by bringing together leaders in research, design, management and clinical care to support transformative approaches in evaluation and implementation through the lens of appropriateness.