Healthcare Value

How can we make the most of each dollar spent on healthcare?

Let’s face it: Maintaining good health can be expensive. And while the American healthcare system boasts some of the most brilliant practitioners and remarkable tools in the world, when it comes to helping everyone get the most out of those resources, we have a long way to go.

The recent healthcare debate has largely centered on paying for care — who should receive insurance coverage, who should pay for that coverage, and what services should or should not be covered. Health policy researchers at Michigan are leading a national effort to expand our outlook beyond how to pay for services to consider the value of those services.

IHPI is helping thought leaders focus on issues of value in healthcare, offering a one-stop destination for the University’s “leaders and best” in medicine, economics and policy to connect with each other and with the top minds from industry and government to identify and promote greater value throughout our healthcare system.

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