Healthcare Innovation

From new technologies to best practices, what can be done to make healthcare safer and more effective?

Are we taking advantage of every innovation — from mobile apps to new models of care — to raise the bar in healthcare delivery? Can new approaches and new technologies lead to better ways to measure safety and quality?

We are witnessing an unprecedented era in health. Demographic shifts, technological leaps, untenable cost escalations, and political polarization challenge every aspect of delivering care and threaten to leave a swath of the population more vulnerable than ever. At the same time, breakthroughs in medical knowledge and technological leaps give us reason to be bullish about a more positive and efficient health future.

The times we live in call us to re-examine healthcare from every angle, to find ways to learn more and do more. That’s why the time is right for IHPI.

In every corner of the University, ideas are transforming healthcare. IHPI is organized and tasked with finding and fostering those innovations — from nurturing a disruptive new technology to finding a new application for a familiar concept to sharing the next exciting advance with the right decision-maker. After all, innovation is our last name.

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