Paul Lee, M.D., J.D.

Paul Lee
Medical SchoolOphthalmology and Visual Sciences


Dr. Lee’s research interests include the quality of glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy care, utilization patterns of eye care, provider workforce analyses for ophthalmology and orthopedics, the evaluation of the appropriateness of cataract surgery, and analyses of failure patterns for the treatment of diabetes-related eye disease and glaucoma. Additionally, he has led the ophthalmic portions of other projects investigating conformance with AHCPR guidelines for cataract, utilization, and quality of eye care patterns in managed care, and a comparison of fee-for-service to managed care among Medicare patients.

  • M.D., University of Michigan
  • J.D., Columbia University

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What are you thinking about?

What are the assumptions we are using when we reimagine new models for health and health care, as well as the interactions among the core functions of knowledge/wisdom creation (research), dissemination (education), and application (care delivery). Also, how can we learn from other sectors of our economy and society, as well as other fields of study, so that we can truly foster a culture of multi-way partnerships with our colleagues in other disciplines here at Michigan and other “best in class” units around the world?

Why is this interesting to you?

We are one of the few global institutions that have the breadth and depth of expertise to help meet our societal needs, by leveraging the talent across our campus (99 Top 10-rated U-M departments, centers, and schools). We also have collaborations with top institutions around the world to truly improve the health of our state, our country, and our world, in order to create new approaches to help solve our most pressing issues.

What are the practical implications for healthcare?

By 2025, think of how you would like to stay healthy and get care (with new cures) when you do get sick. Where would you want to do it? How would you want to do it? Who would you trust to provide you the information and interventions in a way that is most meaningful to you? Think about how you might answer these questions if you were in Florida, California, China, Ethiopia, Brazil, or India? The opportunities to make meaningful changes are phenomenal.

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