Inbal Nahum-Shani, Ph.D., M.A.

Nahum, Shani, Inbal
Research Assistant Professor
Institute for Social ResearchSurvey Research Center


Dr. Nahum-Shani’s research focuses on using behavioral theory and novel methodologies to develop adaptive interventions, namely interventions that use ongoing information about the individual to modify the type/intensity/delivery-mode of support. She is interested in how supportive relations in and outside the workplace affect employee health and well-being, and also how work-related conditions and practices affect employee access to support from work and non-work related sources. Dr. Nahum-Shani also investigates how the interplay between support and undermining from others affects employee health, well-being and performance. Additionally, she is also interested in designing interventions and work-based practices to reduce at-risk behaviors in the workplace (e.g., substance abuse) and improve employee ability to cope with work-related stress, and especially stress stemming from work-related transitions (e.g., school to work transition, job-loss and retirement).

  • Ph.D., Behavioral and Management Sciences, Israel Institute of Technology
  • M.A., Educational Leadership and Policy, Haifa University
  • B.A., Educational Leadership and Sociology, Haifa University

U-M Academic Affiliation(s)

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