Will the Republican healthcare bill make us more free?

June 28, 2017

Will the Republican healthcare bill make us more free?

The Los Angeles Times

In this recent Op-Ed published in the Los Angeles Times, IHPI member and U-M professor of Law, Nicholas Bagley, describes how the passage of Better Care Reconciliation Act would affect the current state of healthcare coverage and access. 

An excerpt:

"The central theme of the Republican campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act has been freedom: freedom from Obamacare’s onerous regulations, freedom from overpriced insurance and most of all, freedom from the tyrannical individual mandate.

The Senate has now released its long-awaited alternative to Obama-era health reform. Although the Better Care Reconciliation Act is beleagured, there’s still a decent chance that the Senate will pass it. If it does, the bill is likely to become law.

So it’s reasonable to ask: How does the Senate bill stack up when it comes to freedom?"


Follow the link below to read the entire piece. 


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