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Research News

Pay Less, Take More: Success in Getting Patients to Take Their Medicine

July 9, 2018

Basing patients’ medication costs on the health benefits they’ll get from a drug, rather than its price, means they’re more likely to take it, a new review of value-based insurance design shows



Blacks have shorter life spans after surviving heart stoppage: Study

July 9, 2018

Black patients who survive cardiac arrest during a U.S. hospital stay have poorer long-term survival odds than their white peers, new research suggests.

The study included data from patients aged 65 and older who survived at least until they were discharged from the hospital. The...

Why bariatric surgery wait times have nearly doubled in 10 years

July 12, 2018

Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and borderline high blood pressure, Dana Hayes pursued bariatric surgery in hopes of living a healthier life.

“I struggled with weight my whole life, but this was a place I’d never been before,” says Hayes, 30, a hairdresser and mother of...

Long-acting reversible contraception - Highly efficacious, safe, and underutilized

July 6, 2018

Each year, 43 million women, nearly 70% of all reproductive-aged females in the United States, are at risk for unplanned pregnancy. These women are candidates for contraceptive counseling and services. Unplanned pregnancies are associated with increased risks of maternal and child morbidity and...

The story of newborn babies in Iowa shows how immigration crackdowns hurt Americans, too

July 14, 2018

In late May 2008, across the state of Iowa, something weird started happening to newborns. For the next nine or so months, more babies across the state were born underweight, compared to the same period of previous years.

Not just any babies, though. There was no difference among babies...

Parents often unsure whether, where to seek medical care for children’s headaches

July 16, 2018

Parents sometimes struggle with what to do when their child has a headache: go to the ER, to the doctor, or wait it out at home, a new national poll suggests.

Among a nationally representative sample of parents with children ages 6-18, two-thirds say their child has had a headache not...

Alcohol-related cirrhosis deaths skyrocket in young adults

July 19, 2018

Deaths from cirrhosis rose in all but one state between 1999-2016, with increases seen most often among young adults, a new study shows.

The deaths linked to the end stages of liver damage jumped by 65 percent with alcohol a major cause, adults age 25-34 the biggest victims and fatalities...