Opinion / Commentary

Opinion / Commentary

New Study Shows Routine Heart Care Similar From Nurse Practitioners, Doctors

May 1, 2015

Many patients with chronic heart disease will receive the same quality of care from a nurse practitioner or physician assistant as they would from a doctor, a new study suggests. That's good news because the recent expansion of U.S. health coverage has many public health experts warning of a...

Michigan Policy Researchers Evaluating Medicaid Expansion Effects

May 5, 2015

After the political debate around Affordable Care Act-enabled Medicaid expansion in Michigan settled down and people began enrolling, some of the state’s health policy experts discovered a rather stunning phenomenon—the number of people who enrolled in the expanded program's first 100 days was...

People want radiology reports, discussions with docs

May 5, 2015

Most patients want to receive imaging results directly from the doctor who sent them for scans, but many also want to see their radiology reports, a survey finds.

It's not surprising that patients want to see the reports, said Dr. Ruth Carlos, a professor in radiology at the University of...

Researchers call for U.S. to end addiction-data blackout

May 11, 2015

Medicare and Medicaid data is often the biggest and only really comprehensive source of information researchers have when it comes to national health issues. But in 2013,  millions of claims relating to addiction were scrubbed from data sets by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service due...

Discovered a disease? WHO has new rules for avoiding offensive names

May 11, 2015

The World Health Organization (WHO) mostly works to reduce the physical toll of disease. But last week it turned to another kind of harm: the insult and stigma inflicted by diseases named for people, places, and animals.

Many scientists agree that disease names can be problematic, but...

UR joins national sport concussions study

May 12, 2015

University of Rochester researchers have joined what is billed as the largest sports concussion study in history — an expansive, nationwide effort that seeks to understand how the brain recovers in the near-term and over a lifetime.

Answers to the big questions likely will take 15 years...

“Choosing Wisely” in the Daily Practice of Family Medicine

May 12, 2015

The Choosing Wisely campaign, initiated in 2012 by the American Board of Internal Medicine, aims to get physicians and their patients thinking critically about the overall value of common medical tests and procedures.

“Choosing Wisely cleverly frames its recommendations as good, evidence-...