Opinion / Commentary

Opinion / Commentary

Pus, grenades and Ben Franklin: America’s first great vaccine debates

April 23, 2015

If you think the public debate over vaccines is a modern one, think again. It actually dates back to the colonization of North America, when the very concept of immunization was just taking shape.

Franklin was born in Boston, during a time when smallpox was a fact of life.

"It was...

Whatever Happened To The Surgeon General?

April 24, 2015

The new surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, is making headlines in appearances with Elmo and Joe Biden. He has high hopes of revolutionizing American public health — but might be doomed by the powerlessness of his office.

“Our latest Surgeon General was just confirmed after nearly two years...

Should you exercise after a heart attack? Yes.

April 27, 2015

People recovering from heart attacks have a lot to attend to. They face the shock of a close call; their initial recovery may take longer than they expect; and, to top it off, they get a new regime of medications, diet and exercise. It can be overwhelming.

A heart attack also can serve as...

Women's Brains May Have Tougher Time Recovering From Concussion

April 28, 2015

Scientists don't know why the brains of women seem to respond to these brain injuries differently from those of men. But experts think it might have something to do with differences in male and female brains, or the way in which men and women are injured when their heads hit something.


Money Talk in the Doctor’s Office

April 28, 2015

Many doctors don’t think about health care costs, says Dr. Neel Shah, an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. One reason for that, he says, is that they haven’t been trained to do so.

Dr. Jeff Kullgren, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, takes...

Consumers face deadline to get health coverage

April 30, 2015

Enrollment ends at midnight Thursday for consumers who missed purchasing federally required 2015 health coverage at HealthCare.gov because they didn't know about the new insurance requirements. Consumers who enroll by the end of Thursday can avoid paying a penalty for not having health insurance...

Heart Failure Implant Tied to Weakening of Thinking, Memory

April 30, 2015

A mechanical device that restores a failing heart's ability to pump blood might contribute to a decline in memory and thinking in some patients, a new study reports.

Such research is important because doctors are more frequently talking about using these devices to treat heart failure...

Precision medicine and the advent of customized care

April 30, 2015

A team from the University of Michigan School of Medicine investigated the question: Were some patients with prediabetes more likely or less likely to gain from intensive lifestyle changes or from metformin?

“Simply having prediabetes is not everything,” study researcher Jeremy Sussman,...

Stressed-Out Nation

April 30, 2015

Walt Whitman knew long before science told us: Nature is a balm for the soul, a refuge from the daily grind inside and outside our heads, a hedge against depression. It’s a good thing nature is free: Stress is epidemic in the U.S., and it’s taking a serious toll on our mental and physical well-...