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Media Coverage

More older men get prostate radiation when doctors own the equipment

September 1, 2017

Elderly men with prostate cancer are more likely to be treated with radiation when their doctors own radiation machines - even patients who may be too old to benefit from the treatment, a U.S. study suggests.

Prostate cancers may grow too slowly to cause symptoms before an elderly man...

Painkillers can pose problems for new mothers

September 4, 2017

In the United States, it’s standard practice to prescribe powerful opioid painkillers such as oxycodone (Oxy­Contin and generic) and hydrocodone (Vicodin and generic) to manage discomfort during recovery from a Caesarean section.

According to Marvin M. Lipman, Consumer Reports’ chief...

Bargaining with cancer patients about treatment

September 2, 2017

When a doctor and a patient discuss treatments, is it a conversation or a negotiation?

Surgeons at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York are enlisting techniques taught at Harvard Business School to advise men facing tough decisions about prostate cancer.

Behfar Ehdaie...

Altarum introduces innovative new health benefit plan

September 12, 2017

To provide consumers with an affordable alternative to high deductible health plans (HDHPs), Altarum has created an innovative new model for those who use health care the most. The Medical Episode Spending Allowance (MESA) plan, developed with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, is...

What do Harvey and Irma mean for America's opioid emergency?

September 13, 2017

President Donald Trump's own addiction commission recommended last month that he declare opioid overdoses in America a national emergency. Trump said he would. Then, Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit the United States and its territories, displacing tens of thousands of people and wreaking damage...