Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Study: Diabetes meds may harm some older patients

January 12, 2015

MILWAUKEE — Many older people with diabetes who have other health problems have been kept on intensive and potentially harmful blood sugar control regimens, according to a paper published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Diabetes is common in people 65 and older. However, it is...

Healthcare Job Growth Reflects Aging Population, Newly Insured

January 14, 2015

Data showing that 2014 had the best job growth since 2008 suggests that hospital leadership is becoming more comfortable with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, says a managing director at PwC Health Research Institute.

The 311,000 new jobs created by the healthcare industry...

Dr. Mark Fendrick quoted in New York Post on wellness programs

January 22, 2015

The city of New York is contemplating new health initiatives to improve the patient-care experience, improve the health of city employees, and reduce costs. A new "Culture of Health" team was created to explore programs that would examine how city workers can live healthier lives by quitting...

Dr. Matt Davis quoted in U.S. News and World report about SOTU Speech

January 21, 2015

Though President Barack Obama steered clear of the details of the Affordable Care Act in his State of the Union speech Tuesday, not mentioning that enrollment still was ongoing or that the law faces political and legal opposition, health care was still underscored as key to economic recovery...