The Michigan Value Collaborative

Our state’s largest health insurance provider, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, has already recognized the merit of partnering with the University of Michigan to take on critical issues of quality and value within our healthcare system.

Several IHPI members are lending their expertise to the Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC), which studies variations in healthcare use across institutions and looks to identify best practices in care before, during and after hospitalization.

Working in conjunction with the many specialty-specific Collaborative Quality Improvement (CQI) programs in BCBSM/BCN’s Value Partnership Program, MVC aims to understand differences, identify best practices, and lead interventions for improving care before, during, and after hospitalization.

Funded by BCBSM and Blue Care Network, the MVC is coordinated through IHPI and the University of Michigan. Over 50 acute care hospitals across the state participate in MVC.

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