Improving the Outcome Before Surgery Begins

Research conducted by U-M surgeons shows that, among patients scheduled for major surgery, those who make even modest positive lifestyle changes prior to their procedure show impressive gains in how well they bounce back.

A pre-surgery “boot camp” for patients is already in place within the U-M Health System to provide education, guidance and motivation for patients to quit smoking, lose weight, become more active and reduce stress before major surgery.

Now, thanks in part to additional statistical and data analysis support from IHPI, those U-M surgeons were awarded a $6.4 million grant to expand the program’s scale, rolling it out to about 12,500 patients in 40 hospitals statewide as the Michigan Surgical and Health Optimization Program (MSHOP).

The team is led by Michael Englesbe, M.D., an associate professor of surgery, and co-principal investigators Darrell A. Campbell Jr., M.D., UMHS Chief Medical Officer, and Stewart C. Wang, M.D., Ph.D., a U-M professor of surgery who pioneered a technique called analytic morphomics used in MSHOP’s risk assessment tool.

Evidence gathered will measure not only the clinical relevance of “prehabilitation,” but its economic and social value as well.

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