Training to Advance Care Through Implementation Science in Cardiac And Lung Illnesses

Vision of Success

Training to Advance Care Through Implementation Science in Cardiac And Lung Illnesses (TACTICAL) will provide 5 post-doctoral scholars a structured 3-year program of career development. Afterwards, as part of independent research careers focused on bringing evidence-based best practices to improve critically ill patients’ lives, TACTICAL scholars will become independently-funded leaders who both drive change at their own institutions while also developing and evaluating better approaches for driving change nationally and internationally. 

Program Summary


A 3 year training program will combine elements of the best of the University of Michigan:

Program Timeline

The first cohort of scholars will begin July 2018, a second cohort starting July 2019. 

Program Leadership

The program is jointly led by Theodore “Jack” Iwashyna, M.D., Ph.D., and Anne Sales, Ph.D., R.N., with broad support around the campus.

Who Should Join

TACTICAL scholars will be a mix of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and PhDs with clinically relevant backgrounds (e.g. informatics, engineering, learning health sciences). Our modal candidate will have just completed their clinical and initial research training, and be ready to begin their first faculty position. We also believe, in select situations, more mature practitioners who are changing the direction of their career towards still several decades of independently funded research in implementation science might be appropriate, assuming they had sufficient commitment to our vision of success. These candidates will have a modest initial track record of peer-reviewed original research publications—at least 3-5—and substantial demonstrated aptitude for and commitment to research.

Metrics of Success

The program’s primary short-term metric of success is the fraction of TACTICAL Scholars who win independent federal investigator-initiated research grants (particularly R-01’s) and win jobs doing innovative implementation science in critical care of cardiac and lung illnesses.