The IHPI/HSR Summer Student Fellowship and Internship Program is open to non-Medical School master and doctoral students. The IHPI/HSR Summer Student Fellowship and Internship program provides graduate students with a stipend of $4,500 to conduct summer research projects focusing on health service research or health policy. This 10-week program is designed to engage students with IHPI faculty members outside of their academic unit for a mutually agreed upon research project. Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to engage with U-M leaders, partake in a variety of educational activities, and participate in a poster presentation hosted by IHPI.

AcademyHealth defines health services research (HSR) as “…the science of study that determines what works, for whom, at what cost, and under what circumstances. It studies how our health system works, how to support patients and providers in choosing the right care, and how to improve health through care delivery.” 

Eligibility Requirements:
Eligible students must be a master or doctoral-level student currently enrolled at the University of Michigan. Students may select the following program to participate in based on their program of study:

  • Fellowship: Doctoral-level students will apply for a 10-week summer fellowship.
  • Internship: Master-level students will apply for a 10-week summer internship. Students interested in receiving internship credit for this program must work with their home academic unit to ensure that all internship requirements will be met.

* Undergraduate and Medical students are NOT eligible to apply, as these students have access to similar programs including UROP and SBRP. 

Application Requirements:
Students must identify an IHPI faculty mentor from a different academic unit from their own (e.g.; a student from SPH and a faculty member from the Medical School, or a student from SSW and a faculty member from SPH). Students will work with their IHPI faculty mentor to propose a research project which will take place during the program time frame. The project should have clear objectives, and a plan for making progress towards these objectives within a 10-week period. IHPI faculty members not included in the project list may also serve as a mentor for the Fellowship / Internship, provided that the student receives permission from the faculty member and includes them in the project planning process. 

Program and Participation:
During the summer of their IHPI/HSR Fellowship, students are expected to work on their projects for 25-40 hours per week for a 10-week period during May-August. Students are expected to determine their schedule with their mentor and adhere to this schedule throughout the duration of the summer Fellowship / Internship time frame.

Students are encouraged to participate in IHPI educational activities, including “Lunch and Learn” sessions with IHPI members, skill-building seminars, and other IHPI-sponsored events. This year, students will also be expected to participate in an end-of-program poster presentation hosted by IHPI. A schedule of activities will be provided at the start of the program.  

Award Information:
Accepted students will receive a $4,500 stipend in two payments of $2,250, during their fellowship/internship. This is a competitive fellowship/internship and not all applicants will receive a stipend. Should an applicant not receive funding and still wish to participate with a faculty member, it will be up to the faculty member to determine the participation level.

Application Process:

Step 1: IHPI will post projects on its website for students to review (see the above list).

Step 2: Students are responsible for contacting IHPI faculty members with whom they are interested in working. Students may contact members from the example project list OR a member who is not on the list.

Step 3: Students and faculty members must mutually agree upon the research project for the Fellowship / Internship prior to the student submitting an application.

Step 4: Students will submit the Fellowship / Internship application form which will be reviewed by the IHPI Education & Training Workgroup. The application deadline is March 23, 2018.

Step 5: Students will be notified of their award status by April 6, 2018.

Applications must include:

  1. A personal statement (500-1000 words) about the student’s interest in the Fellowship / Internship that connects his/her education, experience, interests, and career goals to the IHPI/HSR program, and explains the proposed project. Students should describe the project’s HSR and/or health policy relevance, and what will be accomplished during the fellowship period.
  2. Sign-off from a project mentor (IHPI faculty member) from a different academic unit than the student. Master-level interns must work with their faculty mentor and home academic unit to ensure that all internship requirements will be met.
  3. Resume.

Applications will be evaluated for the following:
A demonstrated commitment to improving healthcare delivery and value; a demonstrated interest in health services research and/or health policy; a clear relationship between the proposed project and the student’s professional interests and career goals. 

For questions and concerns please contact:
Jason Wolfe, MA
IHPI Project Manager

Emma Steppe, MPH
IHPI Associate Project Manager