Engagement Opportunities for Early Career Faculty Members

Over one-third of IHPI’s 500+ faculty members are early career faculty. Providing professional development, research, and education and training support for this cohort has been a strong focus for IHPI.  Following are some of the services and engagement opportunities that the Institute offers for early career faculty.

  • Early Career Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) represents the interests of early career faculty and advises IHPI leadership on how to best leverage its resources to promote the success of early career faculty. This group offers an inclusive and welcoming community for early career faculty from across the University of Michigan campus. With support from IHPI staff, the FAC sponsors a variety of professional development and social networking activities. A subgroup of the FAC is exploring the development of a Master’s Class/Career Development Academy to provide advanced career development training. Other creative ideas, such as developing an early career faculty exchange program with IHPI’s peer institutions, are also in the works.
  • Research workshops and “Bootcamps”: IHPI partners with other U-M entities to sponsor both a K Writing Workshop and an R01 Boot Camp. In addition, the Institute arranges Mock Study Sections for those preparing to submit a K award.
  • Data access and Methods support:  One of IHPI’s most valued member core resources has been our Data and Methods Hub which houses more than 20 terabytes of data from more than 113 million lives covered by a variety of insurers. This data is provided at nominal or no cost to early career faculty. In addition, the Data & Methods Hub offers assistance with data use agreements, secure cloud storage, and statistical and methodological expertise from faculty with expertise in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. 
  • Summer Student Fellowship: In summer 2017 IHPI is launching its first Health Services Research Summer Student Fellowship and Internship Program wherein the Institute will provide stipends for graduate students to conduct summer research projects in health services research or health policy with a faculty member outside of their home academic unit. All IHPI members are eligible to apply for this program.