Emerging Scholars Exchange Program

Emerging Scholars Exchange Program


The University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation’s Emerging Scholars Exchange Program is designed to provide career development opportunities for early career faculty via invited presentations at prestigious peer universities. Through the Exchange Program, early career faculty will have the opportunity to develop relationships with potential research collaborators, mentors, and sponsors; hone their oral presentation skills; and bolster their CVs as they prepare for promotion.


Program Components

During this pilot phase of the program (academic year 2017-2018), we anticipate that our partner institutions -- the University of Pennsylvania Leonard Davis Institute and the University of California San Francisco Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies -- will each host one speaker from IHPI, and vice versa, for invited presentations between February – May, 2018.

In future years, a partner institution may host up to two IHPI faculty members per academic year, in exchange for which IHPI would host up to two of their faculty.


Eligible Faculty

  • IHPI early career faculty with at least 3 years on the tenure (instructional) track
  • Have a robust research portfolio to discuss, but but have not yet submitted a promotion packet
  • Have at least 5 first-authored research papers
  • In the final years of building their CV for promotion, and/or have acquired but not completed career development award

Preference will be given to applicants who have not already had multiple invited speaking opportunities at other universities.